A Message from President Amy Gutmann

President Amy Gutmann

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends:

By all measures, Penn’s achievements in education, research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and service to communities around the globe have cemented its place among the world’s top institutions of higher education.

The Penn we know today is built on Benjamin Franklin’s mid-18th century vision. In the years since, Penn has refined Franklin’s model, supported by an ever-growing community of loyal alumni, parents, and friends.  

This year, we embark on Penn Compact 2020, renewing our focus on three core values that echo Benjamin Franklin’s fundamental ideas about education: Inclusion, Innovation, and Impact.  

When we speak of Inclusion, we mean our commitment to welcoming the most talented students, regardless of their financial means, into our diverse and vibrant academic community.

Our commitment to Innovation involves encouraging the great minds here at Penn to collaborate across academic disciplines to address the most complex challenges, develop new solutions, and apply them efficiently and well.

Finally, our commitment to making an Impact includes widely disseminating the knowledge generated by Penn’s faculty and students, and deploying that wisdom on behalf of individuals and communities in Philadelphia and around the world.

As we continue to create the academic programs and build the learning spaces that seed innovative ideas and allow them to flourish, I can’t help but think that Franklin would be proud of how we are advancing his vision. Penn, perhaps his most brilliant invention, has never shined brighter, thanks to our stellar faculty, talented students, and the continued involvement of alumni, parents, and friends.  




Amy Gutmann