Campus Improvements

Campus Improvements_Shoemaker Green

Penn perpetually reinvents itself, continually rising to the challenge of creating intellectually stimulating spaces that encourage forward thinking and foster collaboration. Penn’s commitment to providing sustainable, eco-friendly spaces that provide cutting-edge technology, interdisciplinary study, and state-of-the-art research opportunities continues to help foster innovative and creative thinking and enrich the student experience.

As Penn’s students prepare to move beyond campus to make an impact on the local and global stage, they do so on an ultimate urban campus specifically designed with the pursuit of knowledge in mind.

Campus Improvements Opportunities

Arts, Research, and Culture House: A staple of Penn architecture and student life, the ARCH has reopened to once again enrich the lives of the Penn community.

New College House: College House living has become a touchstone for generations of students, serving as a 24/7 living community that serves as a hub for intellectual, social, and recreational activity. This, the 12th College House, is the first signature residential building on campus to be specifically designed and built to maximize the College House experience.

Perry World House: Serving as a central home on campus for global activities and initiatives, the Perry World House will promote international exchange and anchor Penn’s global resources.

Please also see the PennConnects 2.0 website for more information on Penn's ever-evolving campus.

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