If you reside in one of the countries listed below, you can make a gift to Penn and benefit from the tax advantages provided in your country.

Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) enables donors in these participating countries to facilitate gifts to The University of Pennsylvania (USA) Foundation Ltd., our registered charity in the United Kingdom.

After making a gift to the TGE national foundation partner in your country, that foundation establishes contact with Penn’s UK Foundation for an assessment. Pending mutual approval by the partner foundations involved, your gift would then be transferred to our UK charitable foundation for the ultimate benefit of the university. A small fee is involved with the processing and transfer of your gift.

Belgium: King Baudouin Foundation
Bulgaria: Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation
France: Fondation de France
Germany: Maecenata International e. v.
Hungary: Carpathian Foundation International
Ireland: Community Foundation for Ireland
Italy: Vita Giving Europe Onlus
Luxembourg: Fondation de Luxembourg
The Netherlands: Oranje Fonds
Poland: Foundation for Poland
Portugal: Fundacao Oriente
Romania: Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation
Slovakia: Carpathian Foundation International
Slovenia: SKUP Skupnost Privatnih Zavodov
Spain (for General Interest): Fundacion Empresa y Sociedad
Spain (for Heritage, Culture, and Arts): Fundacion Carlos de Amberes         
Switzerland: Swiss Philanthropy Foundation

More information on Transnational Giving Europe can be found here, at their website.

For further details about the benefits offered by the TGE, and for assistance in initiating the process, please contact the International Development Office.


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