To find a success story about graduate student fellowships, one need look no further than the Dean’s office in Meyerson Hall. “I have three graduate degrees from Penn,” says Frederick Steiner, Dean and Paley Professor at PennDesign, “and I wouldn’t have been able to afford to go here if I didn’t have financial support.”

It’s a problem many prospective graduate students face when they consider PennDesign. Right now, the gap between the aid being offered and the cost of tuition is often more than $40,000 per year. The result of this gap is that, increasingly, the top candidates who are accepted to PennDesign end up enrolling elsewhere.

The School is facing a tremendous need to increase financial aid, not only to retain these high-performing students, but also to retain faculty, increase the diversity of the student body, and enable students to take greater risks in their post-graduate careers.

“What Penn has done with undergraduate scholarships has been transformative, and there’s been a general recognition that we need to do the same thing with graduate and professional students,” says Steiner. “The most important issues of the 21st Century will be addressed by the disciplines in PennDesign. We need to give our students the freedom to pursue their real interests without the burden of debt that inhibits their careers.”

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