Quick Facts: 

“The students at GSE are doing important work, and I hope that the AG Scholarship will recognize their incredible efforts.”
– Deborah L. Ancona, Ph.D.

Since 1914, Penn’s Graduate School of Education has been fulfilling its mission of promoting excellence in education. Deborah L. Ancona, Ph.D., C’76, GED’77, is looking to carry on that proud tradition by establishing the AG Scholarship at the School.

A management professor, author, and expert on team performance, Deborah has an extensive background in corporate and educational leadership. After contributing to GSE’s annual giving program for years, Deborah has increased her philanthropy by endowing the AG Scholarship, which reflects an area to which she has devoted much of her own work. The scholarship is named after Deborah’s father, who was a professor and physician who always took time to stress to his students the importance of education and caring for others. It will be awarded to students who are interested in pursuing careers as leaders within schools.

“The contemporary education system is severely lacking and needs a lot of improvements,” Deborah says. “This scholarship will help to provide the resources students at GSE need as they work to rebuild our classrooms, curricula, school districts, and federal educational policies.”

Deborah knows that fixing these issues will be a long and uphill battle. However, she is confident that GSE has the people and resources needed to begin making a positive impact in classrooms across the United States. Currently in her first year as an Overseer at the School, Deborah is excited to provide her insight and guidance to the Board’s impressive array of diverse academic thought leaders.

“Penn’s Graduate School of Education has always been there fighting to make a difference,” Deborah says. “Whether it is training great teachers, coming up with innovative ways to teach, or preparing future leaders of educational reform, the talented people at GSE will be leading the way.”