Quick Facts: 

“The Active Learning Classroom is the future of education and I wanted to help Penn Engineering accelerate the move in that direction.”
– Richard D. Forman

Penn Engineering has long been at the forefront of innovative education. In response to the recognized need for a more collaborative teaching environment, Richard D. Forman, EE’87, W’87, has created the Richard D. Forman Active Learning Classroom (ALC) to help ensure that the School can continue to provide the best educational environment for its students.

“The traditional classroom layout is outdated,” Richard says. “The Active Learning Classroom is envisioned to be a dynamic and engaging technology-enabled classroom; it moves away from the traditional lecture and lab model towards a collaborative teaching environment.”

Active learning is a model of instruction that focuses the responsibility of learning on students. It was popularized in the 1990s and its main thrust is that students must do more than just listen—they must read, write, discuss, and be engaged in solving problems.

Housed in the Towne Building, the Forman ALC will be a sleek and modern space that makes it easy for faculty and students to share their work. The instructors will use large screens to show the class what any single student is doing at their station, or alternatively, can push-broadcast large class lessons to everyone.

A loyal donor to the School since 1989, Richard has also served as an Overseer for the past 14 years, helping to steer Penn Engineering along its path from excellence to eminence.

“Being an advocate for Penn Engineering is so easy. With its motivated students, world-class faculty, and engaged alumni, it has all the ingredients for success,” Richard says. “Coming back to Penn as an Overseer allows me to actively and constructively say ‘thank you’ for all the benefits and blessings that I have received from my education at Penn.”