Quick Facts: 

“The Morris Arboretum is, above all, a retreat for those of us with busy lives and a place to introduce adults and children to all that nature has to offer. Unrestricted support provides the flexibility it needs to maintain hard assets and direct funds where they are most needed.”
– Moses “Moe” Feldman

Moe and Susan Feldman’s association with the Morris Arboretum began rather unremarkably: They were simply looking to buy trees for their home garden.

“I was first introduced to the Arboretum through their plant sale in 1985 when we moved to Buckingham and were looking for plants for our new house,” says Moe. “We became members in the early 1990s, and after our three children graduated from college, we moved closer to Philadelphia and coincidently less than a mile away from the Arboretum.”

That move was the beginning of a decades-long relationship that saw the Feldmans become two of the Arboretum’s most dedicated supporters; both Susan and Moe served on the Directors Guild, and Moe now serves as Co-Vice Chair of its Advisory Board of Managers. For nearly 20 years, the Feldmans have contributed to the Morris Arboretum Annual Fund, helping to provide resources that are crucial to managing the living collection of 13,000 trees, preserving historic garden features, providing educational experiences, supporting botanical and horticultural research, and sustaining overall fiscal health.

Being close to the 200-acre expanse of lush gardens, majestic trees, and serene water features invigorates the Feldmans, who have long had an appreciation for nature—Moe for trees and birdwatching, Susan for flowers. Spending time at the Arboretum not only allows the Feldmans to enjoy the grounds as a backyard of sorts, but also has introduced them to a community of volunteers and friends who share their love for the outdoors.

“We are so lucky to have the Morris Arboretum so close to us,” Moe says. “It is a magnificent place, and we have truly enjoyed working with their highly professional team and other volunteers.”