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Our Penn Cities:

Washington, DC
New York
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Hong Kong

Over the last year, through a multi-city event called, “Our Penn: Let the Conversations Begin,” President Gutmann and Penn undergraduates have held live conversations on stage that illustrate Penn today and the vision of Penn Compact 2020 in action.

So far over 3000 alumni and friends of the University have turned out to connect with each other, learn about life on campus, and better understand what Penn’s commitment to inclusion, innovation and impact means to current students.  

Each unique story, whether it be deeply personal, humorous, or poignant, reaffirms the talent and energy of Penn students, and highlights the myriad of ways Penn has empowered them, advanced their thinking, and enabled them to make a difference on issues they are passionate about.

Alumni and friends who have attended these events have been sharing their reactions. Watch the videp to hear some of these, or join us in person at the upcoming Our Penn events scheduled for Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Hong Kong!

Published on Wednesday, October 26, 2016