Patricia Quinn, CGS'02

Patricia Quinn, CGS'02

Patricia Quinn, CGS’02, is the first to acknowledge the importance of a helping hand in achieving her educational goals. “I know how much Bread Upon the Waters meant to me on so many levels in my life,” she says. That’s why, for her, helping someone else was the natural next step.

The Bread Upon the Waters scholarship program provides support for women over the age of 30 as they earn an undergraduate degree at Penn. For Patty, this support made all the difference. Working two and three jobs at a time after high school, she would save up tuition money, take a college course, and save up for another course. Then she learned about Bread Upon the Waters. “It’s like heaven came down out of the clouds,” she says.

Once she completed her Penn degree, Patty starting making annual gifts to Bread, giving as much as she could afford. This year she saw an article about Penn Arts and Sciences’ planned giving opportunities and thought, “I’m not sure how much money I will be able to leave once I’m gone. But whatever it is, this is where I would like it to go.” Working with Penn’s Office of Gift Planning, Patty named the Bread Upon the Waters program as a beneficiary of her will.

Along with her financial support, Patty offers encouragement and advice to the women who have come after her in the Bread program. “Bread helped me so much, and I’m seeing it help so many other women,” she says. “There’s this sense of justice. You give back.”

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