Morris Arboretum

Morris Arboretum

The Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania is a historic public garden and educational institution. It promotes an understanding of the critical relationship between plants, people, and place through programs that integrate science, art, and the humanities. The Arboretum conducts three major activities: horticultural display, public and professional education, and botanical and horticultural research.

Morris Arboretum Giving Opportunities

Annual Giving: The cost to operate the Morris Arboretum year-round exceeds the income that comes from gate admissions and membership dues. The Annual Fund is a significant source of support, enabling the Arboretum to open its gates 361 days of the year to more than 125,000 visitors annually.

Historic Preservation: Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Morris Arboretum is dedicated to securing the long-term preservation of each facet of the institution, from its century-old garden exhibits and features, to the water features and historic buildings.

Education: The Morris Arboretum contributes to a broader understanding of the vital importance of conserving the natural environments in our region and throughout the world. Renowned for their research, teaching, and public outreach, our botanists are recognized for their study, evaluation, and protection of the state’s natural areas, providing leadership to Pennsylvania’s state parks system and local and regional municipalities.

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