Penn Law

Penn Law

Penn Law’s rigorous program, committed to both traditional and developing areas of law, integrates more than 200 years of history with a modern, cross-disciplinary approach, providing a legal education that incorporates practical experience in its quest for thoughtful inquiry on complicated issues. This approach produces lawyers, researchers, and thought leaders who successfully navigate the complex societal issues that reverberate locally, nationally, and throughout the world.

Penn Law Giving Opportunities

Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice: Created to sponsor innovative, cross-disciplinary research that leads to real-world improvements in the criminal justice system, the Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice is a national research and policy hub that focuses on independent, unbiased, data-driven research and policy recommendations designed to prevent errors and ensure a just process for all.

Cross-Disciplinary Programs: Solutions to the problems of today can only be discovered by broad thinking―critical analysis that spans multiple disciplines. By expanding students’ opportunities for interdisciplinary study and degrees, Penn Law’s multifaceted approach empowers students to think analytically across disciplines to realize more applicable solutions.

Scholarships: A student body studying a field that touches every facet of life is strengthened by multiple perspectives that reflect all facets of life. Through scholarships, Penn Law’s doors remain open for talented, capable students, regardless of financial means. At Penn Law, the best and brightest will stoke their intellectual fires, developing the skills required to make a difference in the ever-changing field that impresses so much upon societies the world over.   

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