Penn Libraries

Penn Libraries

The Penn Libraries began in 1750 with gifts of books and support from Benjamin Franklin. Today, the Penn Libraries―a vibrant and universal scholarly resource reimagined for the 21st century―has grown to include 15 libraries supporting all the University’s disciplines. From rare books and manuscripts to extensive electronic resources, the Penn Libraries is designed to make knowledge more accessible and learning more interactive for the Penn community and scholars around the world.

Penn Libraries Giving Opportunities

Enhance Information Resources: The Internet may have revolutionized scholarship, but there is one thing scholars can’t do without: the rich information resources that enable research and constitute the Libraries. Help the Penn Libraries build print and digital collections.

Spark Innovation: In the face of ever-evolving technologies, the need for innovation is critical. Today, Penn Libraries is partnering with other universities to build the computerized information systems of the future. Help the Penn Libraries drive innovation in teaching, learning, and research.

Implement New Programs and Outreach: One of the Penn Libraries’ core priorities is to constantly seek out new and improved ways to serve the evolving needs of Penn’s extraordinary student community. Help the Penn Libraries continually adapt and improve our student services to address the changing information needs of each new class.

Build Learning Spaces:  Faculty and student demand for space—more vocal than ever—is broadening beyond the idea of sheltered study rooms. The Penn community needs places that enable collaborative learning, new models of teaching, access to the latest digital tools, and proximity to trained staff who can help users master those tools.

Support Top Talent: The staff of the Penn Libraries play an invaluable role in the University's mission, and they do so in an increasingly collaborative teaching capacity alongside faculty. Each year, subject specialists work with hundreds of classes, teaching students how to evaluate and use information, and help them to develop research skills they will apply over a lifetime of learning.


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