Perelman School of Medicine

Perelman School of Medicine students

America’s first medical school is still among our nation’s finest. The Raymond and Ruth Perelman School of Medicine has long stood at the forefront of medical research, education, and patient care―shaping the course of medicine and transforming countless lives around the world.  

250th Anniversary Giving Opportunities

Keeping a Penn Education Within Reachfor Generations to Come.

Educating the next generation of superb young doctors has never been more important―or less affordable. Medical students graduate with a staggering average debt of $135,000, and the government funding that traditionally supports the training of our fellows and graduate students continues to shrink.

Our top-ranked medical school attracts students with extraordinary academic, athletic, military, volunteer, artistic, and life accomplishments. Your gift brings a Penn medical education within reach for the most gifted and committed young people in the nation.  

Named Scholarships: You can forever link your name to the traditions of Penn Medicine with a gift of $1 million to endow a full tuition scholarship fund, or $250,000 to endow a partial tuition fund. A gift of $25,000 to $100,000 provides support this anniversary year for a student.


Forever Link Your Name to the New Home for Medical Education at Penn.

Penn’s commitment to integrating the missions of medical research, education, and care IS carved in stone.

Opening in 2015, the Henry A. Jordan M’62 Medical Education Center will be among the nation’s first to share space with active, leading-edge research and patient care facilities―preparing young physicians for the dynamic medical profession of the 21st century.

The University of Pennsylvania Health System will match gifts to the Henry Jordan Center, up to a total of $25 million. The impact of your support will be doubled. Class, family, and other multi-donor gifts are welcome, and can be paid over five years. All gifts and pledges of $100,000 or more will be prominently recognized in the Center’s main entrance hall. Please contact Bill Bole at or 215-898-9175.


Spotlight On

Science that Puts Patients First: Translational Centers of Excellence at the Abramson Cancer Center.

Created by the physicians and researchers who work with cancer patients every day, these innovative, disease-specific programs focus on work that will have the greatest impact on cancer patients. For information on TCEs investigating the prevention of breast cancer recurrence, personalized treatments for brain tumors, and more, view Penn's Abramson Center Report. The Abramson Cancer Center is the region’s best.

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