School of Arts & Sciences

School of Arts and Sciences

Penn Arts and Sciences is the vibrant intellectual core of a great university, fully aligned with Penn’s distinctive commitment to discovery, engagement and impact. We provide the liberal arts foundation for students across all 12 Penn schools. Our academic departments span the reach from anthropology and biology to sociology and South Asian studies. Our faculty are engaged in nearly every area of interdisciplinary innovation, and our graduates are leaders in every field, across every continent. The people and programs of Penn Arts and Sciences―working with partners in the Philadelphia community, and communities and organizations world-wide―are a combination that opens up endless opportunities.

School of Arts and Sciences Giving Opportunities

Faculty: Penn Arts and Sciences faculty are gifted and engaging teachers, renowned, award-winning researchers, and collaborators of choice for colleagues the world over. By investing in the recruitment and retention of faculty, the School of Arts and Sciences deepens its commitment to teaching and learning. The creation of endowed chairs―a distinction awarded by the University to a scholar or teacher in recognition of past and potential original contributions―is an especially important priority.

Scholarships: Every year, some of the world’s most talented young men and women are admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences. For many of our undergraduates, need-based grants make all the difference, enabling them to accept our invitation to enroll.

Graduate Fellowships: Graduate students are a vital link in the intellectual life of a university. They are not only students and emerging scholars, but also teachers, mentors, advisors, and collaborators. They energize the institution and represent the future of scholarship, and those who go on to academic careers establish Penn’s reputation among our peers.

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