School of Design

School of Design

There are no boundaries at PennDesign. We recognize that design has not only a global reach, but the ability to influence the roles and opportunities available in the world around us today, and the world we envision in the future. Dedicated to creativity, our students go on to unite theory and practice in transformative designs that change the world as we see it.

PennDesign Giving Opportunities

Meyerson Hall: Already a hub for design education and discourse, Meyerson Hall provides the potential for increased and enhanced spaces for studios, flexible spaces for collaborative research, and cutting-edge environments for exhibitions and symposiums. Common areas foster interaction with the community and boost PennDesign’s commitment to collective knowledge and culture. Exterior spaces are integrated to create flexible environments for the entire University campus.

Endowed Fellowships: At the heart of PennDesign, students are our school’s primary distinction. It is essential that students can attend PennDesign regardless of need and without the barrier of restrictive accumulated debt. Student aid, therefore, is a critical component to competing successfully with our peer institutions for top talent. Support for financial aid is the cornerstone in our efforts to recruit and secure the very best students.

Endowed Professorships: PennDesign’s distinguished faculty is determined by our ability to attract and retain far-reaching expertise, premier intellectual capital, and emerging research interests across the fields of design. Our goal is to endow all department chairs and significantly expand endowed professorships while providing our talented faculty the resources they need to lead. Endowed chairs and faculty positions enable us to recruit top candidates from around the world and expand research opportunities, demonstrating the power of PennDesign.

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