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The Wharton School is committed to staying at the forefront of global business education and research. Through innovative educational opportunities and the hands-on application of theories applied to industry and economy around the world, Wharton remains true to its educational promise to boost the global business community through sustainable projects and initiatives.

Wharton School Giving Opportunities

Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative (Penn Wharton PPI): With offices at Penn and in Washington, DC, the Penn Wharton PPI works to better inform policymaking by focusing the University’s resources and faculty research into objective policy briefs created to foster a better understanding of key economic and social issues. This research and educational hub fosters fresh perspectives on social and political issues while creating new avenues for students who wish to be passionately involved in public policy.

MBA Fellowships: Increasing Wharton’s endowment for fellowship funds is key to the School’s success. Endowed fellowships strengthen the School’s ability to offer top MBA applicants the resources they need in order to enroll. Wharton is committed to helping all students finance their MBA. Because competition for student talent is extremely intense among peer schools, the availability of fellowship aid to offset loans is often the deciding factor for students. As the quality of Wharton’s students and graduates is integral to the School’s reputation and leadership position, it is especially critical that we increase endowed fellowships for MBA students.

Wharton Fund: There's no greater way of demonstrating your commitment to Wharton than by giving consistently to the Wharton Fund. Unrestricted gifts support everything from day-to-day operational costs to the School’s newest, most cutting-edge initiatives. Now, you can designate your Wharton Fund gift to the School's unrestricted priorities: graduate financial aid, capital projects, Wharton|San Francisco, global programs, faculty research, or the Dean's initiatives.

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